Tangier Inaugurates ‘New Generation’ Wholesale Fruit, Vegetable Market


Meknes – Local authorities in Tangier, northern Morocco, officially inaugurated the city’s new wholesale fruit and vegetable market on Saturday. The market came in response to the need to modernize and better organize the wholesaling of fruit and vegetables in the city.

The project is the outcome of a partnership between the Wilaya of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima, the urban municipality of Tangier, and the Agency for the Promotion and Development of the Northern Provinces (APDN). 

The new market covers an area of eleven hectares, and the urban municipality of Tangier allocated a budget of MAD 124 million ($13.5 million) for the project.

On their official website, the ADPN announced that the market includes 32 sales squares, circuits, and docks for all supply chain operations such as loading, unloading, distribution, and delivery. The market also has a covered area for storing empty crates, docks for semi-wholesale trucks, and administrative premises, as well as reception areas and coffee shops for drivers.

More specifically, the market complies with food hygiene and safety and health standards and guarantees the high quality of the fruits and vegetables destined for the different markets of Tangier and its outskirts. The market has also a computerized control and traceability system that meets international standards.

The market will thus make it possible to meet the needs for the supply of fruit and vegetables for the city of Tangier and the surrounding region. It will also increase the income of the metropolitan area of Tangier and generate new employment opportunities.

Mohamed Amjhour, the first deputy mayor of Tangier, said in a statement to Morocco’s state media that the “new generation market” is part of King Mohammed VI’s Tangier-Metropolis program. He added that all the market’s facilities are based on integrated and computerized management.

King Mohamed VI launched the Tangier-Metropolis program in September 2013 with an initial budget of MAD 7.66 billion ($833 million). The program aims to transform Tangier into a beacon of development in Morocco. 

Projects under the program target many key elements in the city such as the urban environment to improve living conditions and enhance Tangier’s human potential. The program also seeks to improve the economic environment to foster the city’s assets. 

As well, the King’s Tangier-Metropolis program aims to nurture the cultural environment to reinforce the city’s identity, openness, and heritage, as well as the religious environment.

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Source: moroccoworldnews.com