Three children slaughtered by unknown criminals in Rockcity residential area Juba


News (SS24NEWS)

Sunday August 2, 2020

The unknown criminals broke into house of Professor of Upper Nile University who resides in Juba and slaughtered the three children 3, 4, and 9 years. On broad daylight @ 5 PM.

It is hard to ask question and the mother of the slaughtered children is in the Police Station for statement taking but she is shocked and couldn’t talks.

The children were in the house alone at home, their mother went to buy medicine at nearby clinic. The bodies of two were dumped in one of the room and other body witinin compound.

All the sectors of the law enforcement agencies came to find out for themselves and the suspect still at large and fill investigation has been launched to bring the culprit to book.


Source: southsudan24news