Throne Day: Bank Al Maghrib Issues Coin to Honor King Mohammed VI

Bank Al Maghrib Issues New Coin to Commemorate the 21th Throne Day

Rabat – Morocco’s central bank, Bank Al Maghrib, has issued a new silver coin with a value of MAD 250 ($25) to commemorate this year’s Throne Day, the 21st anniversary of King Mohammed VI’s ascension to the throne.

The bank will launch the coin for sale starting August 3 at its counters and at Bank Al Maghrib Museum’s shop.

The obverse of the new coin features the effigy of King Mohammed VI, with “Mohammed VI” and “The Kingdom of Morocco” written in Arabic.

Meanwhile, the reverse of the coin features the inscription “The 21st anniversary of the accession of his majesty the King to the throne,” in both Arabic and French.

The center of this side shows Morocco’s coat of arms surrounded by a stylized representation of the throne. This part of the coin is adorned with 21 stars symbolizing the 21st anniversary of the enthronement of King Mohammed VI, said Bank Al Maghrib in a press release.

Bank Al Maghrib also revealed that the coin is 92.5% composed  of silver, and 7.5% of copper. The coin weighs 28.28 grams with a diameter of 38.61 millimeters.

The celebration of the Throne Day coincides this year with the holy celebration of Eid Al Adha, on July 31. King Mohammed VI described the simultaneity in his Throne Day speech yesterday as an “auspicious sign.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of the Royal House, Protocol and the Chancellery had announced on July 14 that all royal activities and ceremonies related to the 21st Throne Day will be postponed.

However, King Mohammed VI delivered a radio broadcast and televised speech to the Moroccan people yesterday, July 29, at 9 p.m.

King Mohammed VI will host a symbolic reception ceremony on Throne Day itself, July 30.