UN Lauds Morocco’s Initiatives to Host Libyan Political Dialogue

UN Lauds Morocco’s Initiatives to Host Libyan Political Dialogue

Rabat – The United Nations reiterated support for Morocco’s efforts to bring together Libyan parties for productive dialogue to find a political solution to Libya’s crisis.

The spokesperson of the UN Secretary-General, Stephane Dujarric, expressed “appreciation” for Morocco’s efforts to bring Libyans together around the negotiation table.

Libyan delegations arrived in Morocco last week to participate in a second round of talks in the city of Bouznika, held from October 2-6.

The delegations concluded the meetings on Tuesday with the signing of an agreement. The document concerns the mechanism for appointments to positions of sovereignty.

“We welcome the understandings reached between members of the Libyan House of Representatives and the High State Council in Bouznika, Morocco, regarding the requirements and the appointment mechanism of the sovereign positions in accordance with the Libyan Political Agreement,” Dujarric said.

The positions concerned include the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, the Head of the Anti-Corruption Agency, the President of the Audit Bureau, the Head of the Administrative Control Authority, the President And members of the High Commission for Elections, the President of the Supreme Court, and the Attorney General.

The UN welcomes all of the political initiatives seeking to help put an end to the Libyan conflict, including the dialogues held in Switzerland, Morocco, and Egypt.

“We believe that all these efforts pave the way for convening the UNSMIL-facilitated Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, which we plan to hold in the coming few weeks,” Dujarris said. Her remarks came in response to questions from reporters about the agreements reached during the Bouznika talks.

The Moroccan government’s latest initiative to help Libyans find a political solution to end the conflict has garnered positive remarks from many in the international community.

On Monday, UN Envoy to Libya Stephanie Williams described the second round of talks as a “real opportunity to put a definitive end to this long conflict.”

In a zoom video, Williams said the meetings in Morocco have “greatly contributed to creating this unique opportunity to revive the Libyan political dialogue.”

Williams stressed that the search to find a political solution is a top priority for the UN due to the “very difficult” conditions Libyans are facing.

Support is a key request that Libyans asked of the international community in order to ensure the success of the talks.

Morocco’s government also renewed its commitment to doubling efforts to help Libyans resolve the crisis.

The Libyan delegations thanked Morocco for the initiative, expressing appreciation that the country provided appropriate conditions for the success of dialogue.

The talks Morocco hosted were “dominated by a positive atmosphere and a spirit of optimism, which resulted in the unification of visions regarding the criteria related” to the sovereign institutions in Libya, they said.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com