UN Security Council Members: Morocco’s Libyan Dialogue a ‘Positive Step’

UN Security Council Members: Morocco’s Libyan Dialogue a ‘Positive Step’ . Photo: EPA-EFE/JUSTIN LANE

Rabat – Members of the UN Security Council consider the inter-Libyan dialogue held in Morocco earlier this month a “positive step” to end the crisis in Libya

A joint declaration from Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, and Ireland announced on Tuesday that the “results of the mediation talks held in Switzerland and Morocco” are a positive step towards a rapid resumption of the political process to end the Libyan crisis.

The five countries issued the declaration during a press conference at the UN headquarters in Geneva following the adoption of Resolution 2542 on the appointment of a UN Special Envoy for Libya “without delay.”

The statement also emphasized the importance of non-interference, suggesting that the solution to the crisis in Libya should be “political” in a spirit of inclusion under the auspices of the UN.

Other member countries of the UN Security Council also welcomed Morocco’s initiative to hold an inter-Libyan dialogue, including South Africa and Vietnam.

“We welcome the recent inter-Libyan dialogue hosted by the kingdom of Morocco in Bouznika and the talks in Montreux, Switzerland, which could bring the different parties together in a process led by Libyans,” South Africa’s ambassador to the UN said.

The ambassador also hoped for a “lasting peace in Libya.”

Libya’s rival parties — the High Council of State and the Parliament of Tobruk — commended Morocco’s initiative to host the dialogue in Bouznika, emphasizing that they reached a comprehensive understanding during the talks.

The President of Libya’s High Council of State, Khalid Al Mishri, thanked Morocco and King Mohammed VI for the initiative, stressing that it will help the parties overcome the crisis and work towards meeting the Libyan people’s aspirations.

Al Mishiri joined the delegation of the High Council of State on a visit to Rabat in July. Officials from the Parliament of Tobruk, including Aguila Saleh Issa, also visited Morocco during the same period.

After meeting in Bouznika from September 6-10, the rival parties vowed to continue the inter-Libyan dialogue to ensure the implementation of the comprehensive sovereignty agreement they reached during the talks.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com