Union of Italian Jewish Communities Thanks King Mohammed VI’s Peace Efforts

Union of Italian Jewish Communities Thanks King Mohammed VI’s Peace Efforts

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Rabat – The President of the Union of Jewish Communities in Italy, Noemi Di Segni, extended her appreciation to King Mohammed VI for his efforts to promote peace and coexistence.

Di Segni commented on Morocco’s decision to establish relations with Israel saying that “working for understanding and coexistence between peoples, cultures, and identities is one of the greatest challenges today.”

Speaking to the state news agency, Di Segni said that King Mohammed VI’s decision and initiative will contribute to the peacekeeping goal and will “certainly have encouraging” outcomes.

The president of the union also remarked on Morocco’s Joint Declaration with Israel and the US, lauding the tripartite initiative as a historic turning point.

Di Segni believes the  declaration “gives hope to reap the fruits of this initiative, especially in the service of peace.”

She said history enables people to understand that trade between countries brings the “best results and the best guarantees to combat all forms of extremism.”

Ties between Morocco and Israel will allow “strategic decisions to be made in the future and that is a very good thing.”

Di Signi’s remarks come after Morocco and Israel officialized their decision to establish all contact and diplomatic relations on Tuesday.

King Mohammed VI received Israel Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat who co-led the Israeli-American delegation to Morocco with US Adviser Jared Kushner.

Morocco announced its decision to establish relations with Israel on December 10. The date also marks Trump’s decision to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.

In Addition to Di Segni, several other Jewish communities across the world celebrated Morocco’s decision to establish relations with Israel.

The latest support was from the Moroccan Jewish community in New York, who said earlier this week that the rapprochement between Morocco and Israel is a “historic event that will promote peace.”

“Other countries will follow Morocco’s example,” Moroccan Rabbi Gad Bouskila said on the rapprochement.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com