University of Fez Postpones Exams as COVID-19 Continues to Spread

University of Fez Postpones Exams as COVID-19 Continues to Spread

Rabat – Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University in Fez announced that it will postpone the exams of the spring season 2019-2020 for all academic fields.

The exams were scheduled for the first week of September.

The university made the decision during a meeting of its coordinating council, citing the continued spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The city of Fez is among the areas where hundreds of new COVID-19 cases emerge on a daily basis.

Authorities intensified awareness campaigns in the city, where travel to and from has been suspended since July.

The University of Fez reaffirmed the decision to hold the exams for professional bachelor degrees and for Master’s students in safe locations to protect students and proctors.

The university also announced it will set up a new website for pre-registration for in-person exams. The new website will allow candidates to choose their nearby exam center.

The University of Fez said that any student with COVID-19 should declare their infection through the pre-registration website to allow him or her to sit for exams after recovering.

Any student aware of an active COVID-19 infection who sits for exams without declaring their condition will face administrative and criminal penalties in force, the university stressed.

Each university in Morocco will announce in the coming days the measures for remote or in-person exams.

Morocco’s Education Ministry announced that it will adopt remote education in the next academic year due to the worrying COVID-19 situation across the country.

In primary, middle, and high schools, parents can decide whether to send their pupils to schools or choose remote education. University students have the right to choose between remote or in person education or a combination of the two.

Morocco has recorded 54,528 COVID-19 cases to date, including 38,293 recoveries and 955 deaths. The Fez-Meknes region has recorded 8,299 cases since the outbreak of the pandemic in Morocco.