US Ambassador: Morocco’s Autonomy Plan Only Path to Peace

US Ambassador: Morocco’s Autonomy Plan Only Path to Peace

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Agadir – Earlier today, a US delegation led by the Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East and North Africa David Schenker visited the future location of the American consulate general in Dakhla, a mere month after President Trump’s recognition of Western Sahara as a part of Moroccan territory.

David Fischer, the US Ambassador to Morocco said that the US recognition of Western Sahara “was the result of months of negotiations, perhaps years, and has truly been years in the making. Every US administration since Bill Clinton has supported the Moroccan autonomy plan as the only path to peace.”

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Official documents from 1999, that were declassified last year show that the Bill Clinton administration encouraged Morocco to “opt for a negotiated solution through direct talks with the Polisario” on Western Sahara.

The memo also mentioned “two outside actors,” referring to Polisario and Algeria. As they essentially reflect the US support for Morocco on the Sahara issue, the documents held an amicable tone towards the Moroccan position. Notes on Algeria, however, are much less friendly.

Similarly, another declassified US document revealed that Morocco’s proposal for a mutually acceptable settlement in Western Sahara was an American initiative from the beginning.

The “Sahara Policy History” revealed that the Autonomy Plan came after significant encouragement from the US.

At today’s meeting Fischer emphasized that the goal of the trip is to underscore the US focus on fostering economic prosperity, peace, and stability in Morocco, especially in its southern provinces.