US Ambassador to Morocco Plans to Buy House in Dakhla

US Ambassador to Morocco Plans to Buy House in Dakhla

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Rabat – US Ambassador to Morocco David Fischer announced on Monday that he plans to buy a house in the city of Dakhla, southern Morocco.

Fischer made the announcement during his visit to Dakhla. Fischer was part of a high-level US delegation that visited the Moroccan city over the weekend to inspect the site of the future American consulate.

During the visit, Fischer  said he was proud and honored to visit the region.

“I am proud to be here as the first ambassador ever to come to Dakhla.”

He told the translator to mention that he is planning to buy a house in the region, emphasizing that he loves the city.

The ambassador also underlined the importance of the US decision to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.

On December 10, Trump announced his decision to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over the region.

Ficher said the recognition was the result of months of negotiations.

“Every US administration since Bill Clinton has supported the Moroccan autonomy plan as the only path to peace.”

The US also adopted a map of Morocco with its southern provinces. 

Ambassador Fischer gave the map to King Mohammed VI as a gift.

During his visit to Dakhla, David Fischer also lauded the efficiency of Morocco’s Autonomy Plan as the only solution to the Sahara conflict.

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In an earlier statement, Fischer noted that the visit was primarily aimed at emphasizing the US readiness and determination to  accompany economic prosperity, peace, and stability in Morocco, especially in its southern provinces.

He said the visit marks another  “historic milestone in more than 200 years of friendship between the Kingdom of Morocco and the United States of America.”

Fisher spoke emphatically of being honored to visit the region, describing it as a beautiful and critically important place for Morocco.

“I give my sincere thanks to His Majesty King Mohammed VI, whose firm dedication to the US- Morocco friendship was essential for making today’s visit possible,” he said.