Videos of Hooliganism During Ashura Celebrations in Morocco Go Viral

Videos of Hooliganism During Ashura Celebrations in Morocco Go Viral. Photo: Abdellali Rami Facebook.

Rabat – Saturday night was a busy night for Morocco’s security services as they responded to outbreaks of hooliganism during Ashura celebrations.

Neighborhoods in Morocco’s capital city Rabat witnessed hooliganism on Saturday night, the ninth day of Muharram in the Islamic calendar and the eve of Ashura.

تأهب أمني كبير في يعقوب المنصور وحضور جميع انواع القوات العمومية بعد الاعتداء على سيارة الباشا والقائد و قوات الأمن والمساعدة تم نقل عدد منهم للمستعجلات

Posted by ‎عبدالعالي الرامي‎ on Saturday, August 29, 2020

Teenagers and adults celebrate the rituals of Ashura, an event that Muslims observe on the tenth day of the Islamic New Year annually.

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However, some families in Morocco had their Ashura festivities interrupted as groups of young and adult men engaged in hooliganism.

حرب شعالة بيعقوب المنصور الرباط وضرب القوات العمومية بالحجارة

Posted by ‎عبدالعالي الرامي‎ on Saturday, August 29, 2020

Now-viral videos show clashes between Moroccan authorities and young people who started fires in neighborhoods and damaged property, such as cars.

Footage shows teenagers throwing stones at security services, some of whom were taken to the emergency room after sustaining injuries during the clashes.

Abdellah El Rami, a journalist and the president of the Childhood Forum, reported that some teenagers vandalized cars of local authorities in Yacoub El Mansour, Rabat. Photos show car windows broken and shattered glass all over the streets.

Videos also show fires breaking out and police mobilizing to respond.

El Rami shared several posts to report on injuries among authorities due to vandalism and hooliganism across Rabat.

Le360 said authorities seized about 1,200 tires in the Nouails districts. Teenagers use tires to start fires as part of Shai’la, or bonfire festivities as part of Ashura celebrations.

Over the past week, Moroccan authorities announced the cancellation of Ashura festivities in several regions across Morocco amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The cities where festivities were canceled included Beni Mellal and the coastal region of Safi.

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