We Must Act Now: COVID-19 Could Kill 40,000 in Morocco By December


Rabat – Between 22,000 and 40,000 people could die of COVID-19 in Morocco before the end of the year. We must act now to save the lives of our countrymen.

Projections by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) have revealed the catastrophe that can occur if people in Morocco do not improve their personal efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The IHME uses these forecasts to show when hospitals are likely to become overwhelmed and large numbers of people may start dying. 

Mask use and social distancing are the key factors that can save us, according to IHME’s projections. Ignoring these measures can spell disaster and kill thousands.

Every day, on average, between 1,000 and over 2,000 people become infected with COVID-19 in Morocco and over 39 people die. These are not mere numbers, they are our family and our friends. We need to stop this trend, and we need to stop it now, before it is too late.

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We need to fight back

Fighting the epidemic is not something the government or doctors do alone. Stemming the spread of COVID-19 is our responsibility to our family, our elders, and our country.

If we do not take this challenge upon ourselves, many will lose parents, relatives, and friends in the coming months. As difficult as it is to not smile at one another, kiss or shake the hands of friends, and physically meet our family, it has become a matter of life or death.

This is not just about saving lives but about saving livelihoods as well. We need to fight this virus for our brothers and sisters who have been fired because of the epidemic. We can help those who work as shopkeepers, who have small restaurants, who work in tourism, and in other businesses affected by the pandemic.

We as citizens of Morocco control our own fate. No outside medicine or government action will save us. Only by seeing the COVID-19 epidemic in Morocco as our own fight, our own challenge can we emerge victorious and save thousands of lives.

The lives at stake are not a “score” or a number on a board. These are the people we love, our family, and our elderly who face the gravest threat. As people living together within the Moroccan society, we have a duty. As King Mohammed VI has stated, we express our patriotism in these difficult times through shared sacrifice.

An invisible enemy

Dark clouds are forming over Morocco and the enemy is as invisible as it is dangerous. What we do in the coming weeks and months could spell the fate of so many of our innocent brothers and sisters. This struggle is a struggle of togetherness and shared belief in our power as a community.

This pandemic is a war against the most vulnerable in our society. It is a war that will require us to stand together as one in the face of death and despair. And this war will be fought in the coming weeks and months as we face calamity.

There will be casualties in this war. How many, is up to us. In this war, we are either brave soldiers defending our country and our people, or we are deserters who let the enemy advance.

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The War of 2020

But we can fight back. We can fight by wearing our masks, even when it is uncomfortable. We can fight back by avoiding physical contact and washing our hands. We can show the world the power of Moroccan solidarity and respect by meeting our friends online instead.

If we do not act now, the IHME study predicts Morocco’s healthcare system will be overwhelmed within a month, with 90,000 COVID-19 patients needing to be hospitalized in December.

So let us change our perceptions towards this virus. Acting to fight this global problem is our greatest responsibility and we should take pride in working together to beat back this threat from infecting our loved ones.

The Quran says that there is no disease for which there is no cure. With death at Morocco’s door, our mutual collaboration and solidarity is the only cure that can protect those we love.

The time for skepticism, distrust, and half-worn masks is over. The war has started. Whether we choose to fight back, or let this threat destroy what we love, is up to us all.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com