Western Sahara: Moroccans Celebrate US Recognition of Morocco’s Sovereignty

Several Moroccan cities saw celebrations of the US move to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.

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Hundreds of Moroccans celebrated on Sunday the US recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara in several peaceful gatherings across the country, including in Rabat, Laayoune, and Agadir.

Waving Moroccan flags, men, women, and children gathered in front of the parliament building in Rabat to applaud the recent diplomatic gains in the Western Sahara conflict. 

The participants chanted several slogans in support of Morocco’s territorial integrity.

Some participants wore Sahrawi traditional clothing to celebrate the US decision.

The move comes after US President Donald Trump signed on December 10 a proclamation to support Morocco’s position in Western Sahara.

“Morocco recognized the United States in 1777. It is thus fitting we recognize their sovereignty over the Western Sahara,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Moroccan taxi drivers and other drivers joined the symbolic peaceful gatherings on Sunday to celebrate the US recognition.

In addition to flags, some Moroccans carried photos of King Mohammed VI, praising his leadership, as well as maps of Morocco.

Sahrawi activist Fatimatu Al Zeaama said that Sunday’s event in Rabat comes to celebrate the successive diplomatic gains.

Speaking to Morocco’s state media, she said the diplomatic success confirms the efficiency of Morocco’s Autonomy Plan as the only realistic solution to end the conflict.

Activist Youssef Jaas echoed the same statement, saying that the organization of the event confirms the appreciation Moroccans have for the efforts of Morocco’s diplomacy.

Mohamed Boulahsen, a member of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, said some Moroccans joined the event spontaneously to celebrate the “brave” decision of the US and to applaud the tremendous efforts of Morocco to defend its territorial integrity.

Moroccans in Laayoune also rallied twice. The latest demonstration was on Sunday to express satisfaction with the US decision to recognize Morocco’s full sovereignty over Western Sahara.

Mohamed Rezma, the chairman of foreign affairs and national defense in the House of Councilors, welcomed the patriotism of the populations in the southern province.

He said the major development in the case of territorial integrity constitutes a great diplomatic victory for Morocco and contributes to the rapid resolution of the dispute.

The political executive also echoed Morocco’s call for Algeria to assume its responsibilities in the conflict in favor of the Arab Maghreb Union.

“The United States gave substance to its decision to recognize the Moroccan character of the Sahara by the forthcoming opening of a consulate in Dakhla,” he said.

In addition to Rabat and Laayoune, Moroccans also waved flags of the US and Morocco in several other cities during symbolic rallies in Agadir, Midelt, and Assa-Zag.

Videos show Moroccans in Agadir using their cars and driving along an avenue while sounding their horns and waving the Moroccan and American flags from their cars to celebrate the move.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com