Witchcraft ‘Possible’ Factor in Death of 5-Year-Old Girl in Morocco’s Zagora

Witchcraft ‘Possible’ Motive for Murder of 5-Year-Old in Morocco’s Zagora

Rabat – Security services arrested a second suspect for his alleged involvement in the killing of Naima, a 5-year-old girl found in Zagora in southeastern Morocco.

On September 26, a shepherd found the body of Naima, who had been missing since August 17, in a mountainous place far from her home.

Police arrested a man on September 29 in Khenifra in the Beni Mellal-Khenifra region. He is suspected of being involved in Naima’s death.

Investigations led police to arrest a second suspect for his alleged involvement in the killing of the little girl, who suffered both a mental and physical disability.

A source close to the investigation told Moroccan television channel 2M that “there’s a high possibility that witchcraft is a motive of the crime.”

2M reported that the two suspects will appear before the public prosecutor on Sunday.

The family of the victim continues to demand justice for Naima.

The crime against the 5-year-old girl in Zagora comes amid a heated context with the death and disappearance of children in Morocco under suspicious circumstances.

On September 11, Moroccan police found the body of Adnane Bouchouf, an 11-year-old boy who had been missing for four days.

A 24-year-old man kidnapped Adnane, raped him, and killed him in cold blood before burying him in a garden not far from where he lived.

Days later, police arrested a school teacher for raping his students in the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region.

Several reports followed, including the arrest of several potential pedophiles suspected of luring children on social networks tor sexually assault them.

The situation has pushed civilians, activists, and parents to voice concerns and ask the government to strengthen judicial procedures against defendants found guilty of pedophilia and crimes against children.

Some activists even called for the reactivation of the death penalty in Morocco to set any suspect found guilty of pedophilia as an example.

Last week, a court in Tangier sentenced a couple to death for murdering and mutilating a child in Larache.

The father of the 7-year-old victim was involved in the boy’s murder, helping the stepmother dispose of parts of his body.

Article 485 of Morocco’s penal code punishes any suspect involved in “a [violent] crime was committed against a child or someone under the age of eighteen, an incapacitated person, a handicapped person, or a person known for his weak mental capacities” with a prison sentence of 10 to 20 years.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com