Young Moroccan Asmaa Alaoui Takes on Cultural Diplomacy Through Art

Young Moroccan Asmaa Alaoui Takes on Cultural Diplomacy Through Art

Rabat – Rabat-based Asmaa Alaoui has shared her passion for poetry and art, emphasizing her determination to work to develop her artsy skills.

Asmaa participated in the eighth session of the “Grand Celebration of Poetry in Morocco,” which took place remotely in September due to COVID-19.

The event gave poets and art enthusiasts a chance to show and share their recent works  that celebrate Africa and Morocco’s culture, traditions, and history.

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Some participants devoted their poems to describing cultural assets of their native cities, such as Rabat and Fez.

Asmaa Alaoui, who shared her experience about the event with Morocco World News, dedicated her poem to Africa.

The event served as a platform for Asmaa to express her enthusiasm and passion for arts and poetry.

During the event, in which 20 participants from several countries took part, Asmaa Alaoui presented her first poem to celebrate Africa.

Through writing her first poem, “Remember its name: Aithiops,” Asmaa Alaoui found a way to escape the unprecedented challenges the COVID-19 has caused.

“I am new in the poetry genre and art,” she told MWN.

The young woman, who holds a master’s degree in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy, said that poetry and art bring her joy and pleasure.

“[It somehow] helped me to defy the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic and to cherish moments of hope.”

The remote poetry event sought to contribute to the revitalization of cultural diplomacy in Africa.

The event took place in partnership with the regional directorate of the Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sports under the slogan “When the words dance, we play the tune of hope.”

Asmaa Alaoui said that she is also working on a musical project.

The young poetry enthusiast draws inspiration from her younger sister, Imane, who presented her work “Mia Africa” during the poetry event.

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American Philip Bates performed Imane’s poem as a song.

The music was aired during the American Friendship Ambassadors Foundation’s (FAF) 26th International Youth Assembly, in August.

At the event, Asmaa was among a delegation consisting of five Moroccans.

Asmaa Alaoui also unveiled that she is working on a project with a young photographer.

She told MWN that she is working on an exhibition “devoted to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

“This involvement is simply because the pillars of our world, already unsteady, have been shaken to the core by the coronavirus,” Asmaa Alaoui said.