Egypt Condemns Rafah Attacks, Netanyahu Says Deaths “Tragic”


The Egyptian government has issued a strong condemnation of the recent Israeli shelling of refugee tents in the Palestinian city of Rafah, which resulted in hundreds of deaths and injuries on Monday, May 27. This act, Egypt asserted, is a blatant violation of international humanitarian law and the provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention concerning the protection of civilians in times of war. In a statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Egypt described the attack as a continuation of the systematic targeting of unarmed civilians, aimed at expanding the scope of killing and destruction in the Gaza Strip to make it uninhabitable. The statement emphasized Egypt’s demand for Israel to comply with its legal obligations as an occupying power and to implement measures issued by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which includes the immediate cessation of military operations in Rafah. The Egyptian government has also called on the international community to fulfill its legal and humanitarian responsibilities to protect Palestinian civilians and prevent them from being exposed to life-threatening dangers. This latest incident has also raised concerns from Qatar, which has been actively mediating to secure a…

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