Egyptian High School Student Disappears Under Mysterious Circumstances


An Egyptian high school student has disappeared under mysterious circumstances from the Dekernes Center in Dakahlia Governorate, sparking widespread concern in the community. The student, identified as Jannah, was last seen leaving school during the exam period approximately a week ago. Jannah’s father, Jamal Abdel Ghaffar, has been vocal about his daughter’s disappearance, expressing deep worry about her well-being. In a plea for assistance, he has offered a substantial sum of money to anyone who can provide information leading to her whereabouts. According to reports on Al, Jannah was last spotted on surveillance cameras near the school’s premises around noon, visibly distraught and in tears, as confirmed by witnesses. Her father has voiced suspicions that his daughter may have fallen victim to electronic blackmail, alleging that someone may have threatened her with the release of compromising photos on social media in exchange for money. Surveillance footage also captured a tuk-tuk driver attempting to engage with Jannah shortly before her disappearance. Although she reportedly refused his advances, her subsequent vanishing has raised concerns about a potential connection between the driver and the events leading up to her disappearance. In a…

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