ICJ Orders Israel to Immediately Halt Rafah Military Offensive


The International Court of Justice (ICJ), the top judicial body of the United Nations, has issued a ruling demanding that Israel immediately halt its military offensive in Rafah, located in southern Gaza. This decision follows an emergency request by South Africa, which described Israel’s actions in Rafah as “genocidal” and a direct threat to the survival of the Palestinian people. South Africa’s request is part of a broader case it has brought against Israel regarding its actions in Gaza. The ICJ’s ruling highlights the severity of the situation in Rafah, where recent Israeli military actions have resulted in significant displacement and suffering. According to a United Nations report cited by the ICJ, approximately 800,000 Palestinians have been displaced since the offensive on Rafah began on May 7. Immediate Halt Ordered Presiding over the hearing, Judge Nawaf Salam stated that the ICJ has ordered Israel to cease its military operations and any other actions in Rafah that could inflict conditions leading to the potential destruction of the Palestinian population, either in whole or in part. The ICJ’s ruling includes several specific directives which Israel has been ordered to abide by: Immediate…

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