Turning Air into Water: Egypt and Japan Unite for Sustainable Solutions


Egypt is working with Japan on manufacturing a device to produce drinking water from the air, with a capacity of 18 liters per day. The Egyptian Ministry of Military Production announced on 25 February that its subsidiary, Helwan Company for Metal Appliances, is working with MIZUHA Co., Ltd, a Japanese company on the device via a joining manufacturing contract. Mohamed Salaheldin Moustafa, the Minister for Military Production stated that the agreement is part of the cooperation protocol established between the Ministry of Military Production and MIZUHA, aimed at testing and enhancing the air-to-water device, ‘KuSui,’ within military production facilities. The device’s name means ‘air’ and ‘water’ in Japanese, and it uses state-of-the-art technology developed by the Japanese firm. Its operation entails turning water vapor in the atmosphere into liquid drinking water, using an ion exchange system and carbon filters to sterilize the water, technology typically found in water cooling devices. “If there is humidity in the atmosphere, safe drinking water can be created anywhere on the planet,” according to the MIZUHA website. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of MIZUHA, founded in 2020, Kishiro Niwa, explained that his company…

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