Chioma Chukwuka attacked again by thugs carrying knives, bottles, and guns


Chioma Chukwuka’s polling unit has been disrupted by thugs again, and this time, she said they prevented them from bringing out their phones to film.

The actress said the thugs had knives, bottles, and gun, and refused to let people bring out their phones, not even to make calls.

She said they came for her when they saw her with her phone and they tried to attack her. She had to get into her car and drive off but they damaged her car.

She added that the violence today is way worse than what she experienced on the day of the presidential election.

The actress shared a video of scores of voters standing outside the polling unit, afraid to go in after thugs intimidated them.

She drove to a police truck to report the attack before driving home after saying she won’t put her life at further risk.