Dating rumour sparks coming together of Rosie and Ruggedman


Rumour has sparked following the loved-up pictures between Rosie, who is a co-winner of the ‘Ultimate Love’ TV show, with Ruggedman.

Rosie initially posted last month when she shared a photo of herself and Ruggedman holding each other smiles on their faces.

Rosie had backed the photo up with a romantic-toned note with the caption: “Look whose found love @ruggedybaba. Do we look good together?”

Recently, she once again lit up possibility of a healthy relationship between them with another lovey-dovey post.

In the new post, Ruggedman, was seen holding her from the back while taking pictures together.

“You smile and Glow when he tells you what you need to hear before going to site. @ruggedybaba your ice-cream appreciates you,” she captioned the photo.

It however remains unclear if the pair are actually dating or they are just friends.