Ghana Music Awards Should Reward Dancers For Their Contribution To Songs – Endurance Grand


Dancer and content creator, Endurance Grand has emphasized the need for recognition of dancers’ contributions to songs, particularly in the context of prestigious events like the Ghana Music Awards.

She said this in a discussion held during the Pulse Chat Session at this year’s African Music Business Dialogue, themed ‘Why Content Creators are the New Taste Makers in Music Marketing,’ which took place last weekend.

Endurance Grand, a prominent figure in the dance industry, expressed her sentiment regarding the lack of acknowledgement and reward for dancers’ efforts.

“Do you know where I feel underpaid? That is when I don’t get credit for the work I do,” she remarked.

She highlighted the absence of categories dedicated to dancers in events like the Ghana Music Awards, despite their significant impact on songs.

“Looking at Ghana Music Awards, why isn’t there a category for dancers that are dedicated to songs, especially because we add a ‘salt bay’ to the song?” she questioned.

She further elaborated on the importance of giving credit to dancers, particularly when their choreography contributes to the success of a song. “And then the song is a hit and you’ve won an award for it, why don’t we have a category for that? Why don’t you give us credit when we’ve choreographed?”

Endurance Grand emphasized the necessity for collaboration between dancers and artists in the music industry, emphasizing that solid choreography should accompany every music video in Ghana.

The discussion also featured insights from other speakers, including Mr. Drew and Official Starter, with moderation by Gideon Nicholas Day. The overarching theme underscored the evolving role of content creators as pivotal influencers in music marketing.

Endurance Grand’s remarks shed light on the often-overlooked contribution of dancers to the music industry, urging stakeholders to consider their role and provide them with due recognition and reward.