Ghana music industry is all about copying ; no creativity – Dope Nation


Ghanaian music duo, Dope Nation, have shared their thoughts about the music scene in Ghana, explaining that a lot of what’s considered new in music is actually based on copying and modifying existing elements.

They mentioned that the way music is created in Ghana often involves taking progressions and melodies from old songs and transforming them into something new.

Speaking in an interview on TV3 they said, “Our fundamentals when it comes to music is copying because when you take our progressions and melodies, they are from old songs. We just bite them and create them into something new.”

“We can’t say we’re creating something new; it can’t happen because the keys and melodies are just there and have been exhausted; the only thing that can be done is to make them evolve.”

However, they emphasized that true innovation is about taking these existing elements and making them evolve. While they don’t believe they’re creating something entirely new, they do see potential in making these familiar elements evolve in unique ways.