Ghanaian Journalist, Kofi Adoma and Blogger Zionfelix trending online for playing Women to get rich

Ghanaian Journalist, Kofi Adoma and blogger Zionfelix have been trending side by side online after boldly revealing some of their dark secrets.
The two have suddenly become famous womanizers after media personality Kofi Adoma boldly shared his experience in cheating, revealing that he’s a top-notch player who has got at least 3 baby mamas and brought home illegitimate children.
Following his revelation, social media users have said Kofi Adoma and Zionfelix have a lot in common, describing them as bad boys who took advantage of women to set up their lives.
Kofi Adoma disclosed his wife got him a house and made almost half payment whilst he was still cheating on her.
Apart from owning a house from his wife’s bank account, his food money, rent bills, chilling and cheating money were all sponsored by his wife, Mrs Miracle Adoma who was then his girlfriend and baby mama.
Likewise, blogger Zionfelix reportedly got land from his estranged girlfriend and built himself a house. For Zion, he has even denied the lady the ring after such sacrifice.
Hence, Zionfelix and Kofi Adoma are currently being trolled for taking advantage of women to get to where they are in life.