Hilda Baci Responds To Allegations Of Fraud By VeryDarkMan


Guinness World Record holder Hilda Baci has responded to influencer VeryDarkMan’s allegations that she defrauded followers who paid her to be in her culinary training.

Recall that on April 23, 2024, Baci posted a screen recording showing her ongoing online cooking class, in response to the activist’s allegations.

The recording showed the media shared on the online platform, the admittance of new students, and the overall activity of the group.

Her caption read, “5880 active students, 156 recipes already posted, comprehensive editing class done, plating class done, official assignment given. LOL.”

VeryDarkMan accused her of taking money from some students who he said were not added to the teaching class afterwards.

In his video, he stated that such an act could be seen as “obtaining under false pretence.”

He said, “Hilda Baci, you have worked so hard for your brand but it’s as though you’re trying to spoil the reputation of your brand. What you’re doing now is giving ‘Obtaining under false pretence’ which is fraud by the way. You can’t collect money from a lot of people for something and then not do it and you’re not even addressing it.”

“You collected money for an online cooking class which was meant to start on the 22nd. But on the 22nd you didn’t start. You posted that registration closed on the 28th of March and since then you’ve been quiet. Don’t you see all the women complaining in the comment section? This is giving fraud. You can’t collect money from people and just ghost them,” he added.