How Bath Products Burnt Me For Not Following Instructions -Kenya’s Radio Presenter


NRG Radio presenter Natalie Githinji has shared a funny yet cautionary tale about not following instructions when using bath products.

Her experience is a perfect example of why it’s essential to read and follow the guidelines as provided. Natalie started her story by recounting a morning when she woke up feeling extremely tired and in pain.

“I was sick of every joint of my body,” she said, describing how all her joints were aching.

In her quest for relief, she remembered that her friend Avril had given her a package of bath products meant to soothe and relax her body.

Despite Avril giving her detailed instructions on how to use the products, Natalie decided to rely on herself and went her own way.
She planned to soak her body using the bathtub body salt and essential oils, hoping it would alleviate her pain.

Natalie prepared her soak by adding the bathtub body salt and essential oils to a basin. The instructions recommended using 16-32 tablespoons of body salt for a full-body soak and 8-9 drops of essential oil for a footbath, doubling the amount for a full bath.

She eagerly soaked in the mixture, and to her delight, she felt an immediate sense of relaxation. Her pain disappeared, and her body felt at ease. However, her relief was short-lived.

Upon getting out of the basin, Natalie realised she had overdosed on the essential oils. Her body was still covered in the oils, and since her shower was not working, she decided to rinse off with cold water.

Unbeknownst to her, peppermint essential oil reacts badly with cold water. As soon as the cold water touched her skin, she began to shake and feel pain again.
“When I got out of the shower my body still had some essential oils. So I said my shower is not working for now let me use cold water. Little did I know that peppermint does not go well with cold water. I started shaking. I started feeling pain again. My bam bam started to hurt me. My private parts were on fire because of the overdosing. I burnt,” she said.

Natalie’s ordeal didn’t end there. She started feeling extremely cold and couldn’t warm up even after wrapping herself in a blanket and drinking hot tea. “I trembled,” she recalled, shivering uncontrollably.

She even went to work feeling cold and in discomfort, with her private parts swelling due to the reaction.

Natalie concluded her story with a valuable lesson: “When you are given instructions, follow them.