I destroyed my life because of love for money and fame_Bobrisky’s former Assistant

Controversial Nigerian Crossdresser, Bobrisky’s former Personal Assistant, Oye Kyme, has lamented on the decisions she has made in the past that destroyed her life in her quest for fame and wealth.
The Ivorian, who came into limelight in 2021 after she inked a tattoo of Nigerian transvestiter, Bobrisky, admitted on her post on social media that her time with the male Barbie was a terrible choice that almost cost her life.
Recalling, Oye became an internet sensation, especially in the Nigerian web space, when Bobrisky flew her to Nigeria and promised to change her life for the better for being a staunch fan and going through the pain of getting his full name tattooed on her arm.
Following a heated argument about Kyme’s allegations that Bobrisky had physically abused her during her three-month stay with the Socialite, The duo parted ways.
In her part of he story, She stated “Am done have been hiding for so long now am showing your real face to the world wicked human being that lier have been with for 3month supporting you in your lie trying to accept you the way you are wicked man lier!”
Meanwhile, in May 2022, the brand influencer delved into the adult film industry and released a debut video on a popular porn website.
Well, it may seem as though Oye has now turned a new leaf, as she took to social media moments ago to advise her fans and followers to be content with what they have and be proud of where they come from.
Oye who noted that she’s grateful for life and believes she can make a change for her future, has however admitted that in her pursuit to become a celebrity, she did many things for clout, and her life has not remained the same ever since.
In her words, “My messages in this video is to be content with what you have in life, be proud of where you come from. I wanted to be a celeb so bad, chase clout. I almost lost my life chasing this stupid clout. Today my life is no more the same. Sometimes I sit down and see how I destroyed my life by taking stupid decision because of the love of money, but am still grateful for my life I can still make a change for my future.”