‘Many Music Promoters Asked For My Nudes Before Promotion’ -Ugandan Singer Recounts


Ugandan singer, Lydia Jazmine has had her share of troubles with music promoters.

Before landing on her current showrunner, Hajj Yasin of Yasin K Promotions, Jazmine said she had too many misfortunes with promoters, many of whom tried to take advantage of her.

“Promoters do a lot of terrible things to artists,” she said while appearing on CBS FM.

“One of them came to me and I was happy that I got myself a promoter, and then all of a sudden, he was sending me messages in the dead of the night asking for compromising pictures, as a condition to organize my show” she said.

“I was like, how can that be your condition to organize a show?”

The “Same Way” singer did not mention who this person was.

Another promoter, she said, organized a concert for her in the United States and even processed her paperwork, only to pull out on the day of the flight.

She said she was left perplexed and unaware of what to do as she had heavily promoted the show to her fans.

But after years of misfortune with music promoters, Jazmine says, Yasin came along and became a blessing to her.

“I have never worked with a person who is so good and professional and kind as him.”

Jazmine has a concert on March 1st at Hotel Africana in Kampala. Tickets for the “First Born” concert are going for 20k and 50k for VIPs while tables are Shs 3million.

She promised to put up a memorable performance that “will go down in history as one of the best.”