Mike Godson reveals challenges in acting


A Nollywood producer, Mike Godson has revealed how hard it is for him to be an actor. He explained that in order to be buoyant financially, he had to engage in other business ventures aside from acting.

He said, “We all know how the economy is in Nigeria today. Acting provides a great source of income for actors in my level and above.”

“However, to continue to thrive in this part of the world, one needs to have other sources of income. That is why I ventured into other businesses.”

“I would be lying if I said looks do not play a vital role in my profession. However, I strongly believe my most important selling points are my talents and passion for the art. Every other thing is a pleasant bonus.”

The 36-year-old actor also talked about his admiration of the self-acclaimed bar billionaire, Cubana Chief Priest. He said, “Cubana Chief Priest is a friend and brother. We come from the same state.

“I like his entrepreneurial spirit and the fact that he has created job opportunities for a lot of youths who could have ended up on the streets.”

“He is such a great guy who understands the entertainment business and tries to give back to society.”

Mike, from Imo state, explained how he spent his Christmas and how fun-filled it was.

“Christmas is a time of joy, laughter and celebration with family and friends. I try not to have expectations. I simply enjoy the festivities because very soon we will all be back to our normal lives, working.”

“We need this time to relax, reunite, rejoice and celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ”, He stated.

Speaking about his latest projects, Mike Godson added, “My latest projects are due to be released very soon. I will be announcing them on my social media platforms. 2021 was a very busy year for me. Aside from filming many projects, I also travelled to some African countries, networking and speaking to big filmmakers who are coming to invest in Nollywood from next year by God’s grace.”