“Nancy Isime went under knife, but is hiding under exercise” – Blessing Okoro asserts.

Controversial self-acclaimed relationship expert, Blessing Okoro, has named popular media personality and actress, Nancy Isime, as one of the female celebrities who has gone under the knife to enhance their physical features but tries to hide under exercise.
Blessing Okoro, who has been open about undergoing surgery to achieve a massive backside, stated this on Frankly Speaking podcast, stating that about 90 per cent of Nigerian celebrities have had Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery.
When asked if she knew of any celebrity who has had plastic surgery but tries to make it look like their perfect body is as a result of exercising, Blessing immediately mentioned Nancy.
According to her, Nancy made the public, including herself believe that her perfect figure was as a result of regular exercise.
She noted that she bought a lot of gym wears and started working out at the gym to get Nancy’s kind of body, but it never worked.
“I’m going to call one person that almost made me kill myself and that’s Nancy Isime. I remember when I used to go to the gym. I bought all her gym wears. I bought everything… She fixed her body.” She said.