Prolific Writer, Ni Kuang behind Bruce Lee’s ‘first of fury’ dies at 87

Ni Kuang, a famous Chinese novelist and screenwriter responsible for the Bruce Lee hit film Fist of Fury, has died aged 87.
It was gathered that, The prolific writer who penned over 300 novels and 300 screenplays throughout his long and legendary career, reportedly died of skin cancer.
His most famous work for the big screen were two movies for Bruce Lee, The Big Boss in 1971 and Fist of Fury in 1972.
Both works were credited to director Lo Wei, but were widely acknowledged as written by Ni Kuang.
Meanwhile, Kuang also created the famous Chinese science fiction series Wisely, with the story set in the near future of Hong Kong, featuring the rich hero Wisely, who travelled the world solving mysteries and encountering all manner of people including villains and even aliens.
However, over 150 Wisely novels were released, and the stories were later converted to radio, television and even movies.
Notable actors such as Chow Yun-Fat, Andy Lau and Samuel Hui all played Wisely in movies based on Ni Kuang’s novels.
The late Chinese novelist also penned many movies in the then popular wuxia genre featuring sword-wielding warriors and supernatural elements.
His most popular wuxia works include One-Armed Swordsman and The 36th Chamber of Shaolin.
Ni Kuang was born in Shanghai in 1935, but escaped to Hong Kong in 1957 after offending a Chinese Communist Party official.