Why I am staying out of trouble-Bobrisky


Controversial cross-dresser, Bobrisky has explained why he has not been responding to trolls who come on her post on Instagram to diss and call him out.

Bobrisky in a post shared on her Instagram said she had been warned by his boyfriend to stay out of trouble with anyone, particularly on his Instagram page where all the drama usually happens.

While he admitted that it hasn’t been easy not responding to those who never stop trying to look for his trouble, Bobrisky insisted that he was being cautious this time and it will continue for a long time.

According to the former bestie to Tonto Dikeh before they fell out due to personal reasons, Idris turned Bobrisky said his guy told him to focus on making money and ignore social media noise.

In his words, ” Didn’t you guys noticed(sic)I don’t make trouble of fight anyone here again? My boyfriend on(sic) his notification to see my post. And he has warn (sic)me if ever respond to anyone here again, he’s done with me.

“I have to ignore all negative comments and act like nothing happened here. He told me to make money and ignore these people”, he said.