Young Nigerian influencer allegedly killed by boyfriend during an argument


A young Nigerian influencer known as Austa XXO lost her life after her boyfriend reportedly stabbed her during an argument.

The said boyfriend, who is also known as Killaboigram on social media confessed to killing his lover. According to a series of posts, Killaboigram claims that he mistakenly stabbed Austa XXO during a heated argument.

“I got into an argument with my girlfriend @austa xxo which fight i mistakenly stabbed her and ran away out of fear and been suicidal since then.

” I want intend to end my life now cause I have lost the one o cherish so much I want to do the right thing and turn myself in. I will gladly die by paying with my life now”, he wrote.

In another post, he said “I’m not a bad person, I swear I’m not a bad person But with what has happened I think i deserve nothing but death I will gladly die, by hanging, by shooting, which ever way fate has for me I’m willing I can’t live with this guilt knowing the girl I loved so much died in my own hands Oh Gooooooood why this What do I do now I deserve death, I want to dieee”.

The news has sent shock across social media as netizens share their thoughts on the alleged murder.