40-Year-old Man allegedly steals Underwear and Bra in Hotel


A 40 year-old man identified as Matthew, has been arrested by the Delta State Police Command for allegedly stealing the underwears, bra and wrappers of the proprietor of Stop Over Hotel in Delta.

According to the police sources, it was said that the suspect was apprehended on Monday at around 9:45pm when he came to the hotel in clutches to take the underwears belonging to hotel proprietor Mr. Victor Odiachi and his wife.

The hotel proprietor assigned the suspect a room on the ground floor of the hotel due to his health condition.

At about 3:00am, the proprietor woke up to collect his phones in the sitting room, and noticed that the two phones had been switched off which prompted him to go to the flower vase, where he usually keeps his car key, only to discover that the key was not there.

He said that he and his wife entered the room, where the suspect lodged, and when asked about the car key, he gave it to them, saying he saw it on the floor.

Odiachi said they became suspicious and his wife attempted to pull off the mattress on the bed but the suspect tried to prevent her, adding that it was when he shouted at him that he stopped resisting.

On moving the mattress, they noticed a knotted wrapper containing some items and when it was untied, they found that it contained three of Mr Odiachi’s pants, his wife’s bra and wrapper, as well as the gate key wrapped in a black cellophane.

Odiachi said on discovering the items, the suspect pleaded with him not to expose him and offered to give him and his wife N10, 000 to cover up the incident.

It is not clear what the suspect intended to do with the underwears and other items.

The proprietor put a call through to the police at about 4:00am and a police team arrived at the Stop Over Hotel and took the suspect to Division A police station, Asaba.