Air Peace cancels flights to South Africa


The Nigerian airline, Air Peace, has informed its customers that it will be putting a hold on all flights to Johannesburg as a result of the shortage in fuel and visa delays.

According to the Nigerian Aviation minister, Hadi Sirika, in a press briefing, “the difficulties occurring in the aviation industry are not unique to Nigeria, and there are no short term solutions to solve the crippling industry.”

He stated that the cost of aviation fuel has gone up to N822 ($1.97) per litre, which is almost 400% since the beginning of the year.

The Vice Chairman of Airline Operators of Nigeria, Allen Onyema said:

“We have come to realise that there is little or nothing (we) can do because this is as a result of foreign exchange and the price of oil all over the world. The fuel marketers will sell according to what they are paying. The cost of aviation fuel has increased, even in London and other country. Our own is worse because of the increase in foreign exchange.”

The airline has arranged for affected passengers to either receive a refund or to rebook their trips before August 22 or after October 8.

Air Peace started:

“This development is regretted but has become inevitable due to the delayed issuance of South African visas to travellers, worsening forex crunch and the increasing cost of aviation fuel as well as its scarcity.”