Introduction of menstrual paid leave by South African couple births various opinions


A South African lady’s decision to introduce paid menstrual leave for her workers has sparked off a debate on Twitter.

According to the lady, she and her husband have decided to introduce the paid menstrual leave for their employees.

”My husband and I, have introduced paid menstrual leave for our female employees. This makes me so happy as a woman.”

It was gathered that a lot of women experience varying degrees of discomfort while observing their menstrual cycle. Some suffer cramps, vomit, run a fever and get very moody. It becomes very discomforting when they still have to work and deal with the process. The South African lady and her husband thought it wise to allow such women go on paid leave whenever they are experiencing their menstrual cycle.

While many have applauded the couple’s decision, others believe it is an unwise business decision. Some men are also demanding that they get ”erection leave’ as well as they say it can be quite discomforting.