Nigeria to establish direct air link with Portugal


In a bid to boost tourism, President Muhammadu Buhari has announced that Nigeria will establish a direct air link with Portugal.

The President who was on a State Visit to Portugal made this known during a meeting with the Mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina.

He invited prospective investors to Nigeria as the next top investment destination, saying ‘‘we are ready to extend our bilateral trade beyond oil and gas.

“Nigeria, like Portugal, has many unique, historic, and cultural assets, as well as a developing hospitality industry, which both countries can exploit to promote tourism.

“Both cities are rich in history and are also commercial nerve centres that host multinational corporations, industries, and major seaports. We are optimistic that these shared features can be harnessed to promote increased trade and people-to-people contact for the benefit of our two countries.

‘‘We are also keen to establish a direct air link between our two countries to further stimulate tourism, people-to-people contact and social, sporting and cultural relations,’’ Buhari stated.

Meanwhile, in his welcome remarks, the Mayor applauded Nigeria’s greatness, especially in her ability to turn diversity into greatness.

“We have one thing in common. We believe diversity is key. Nigeria is a great nation. Former President Obama said that about you, that you strive to overcome division and turn Nigeria’s diversity into a source of strength, so you are able to build the largest economy in Africa. I so much agree with that.”