Starvation kills over 900 People in Uganda


Over 900 people have reportedly died of hunger in the past five months in Uganda’s northern Karamoja region.

The local leaders who disclosed this said 790 tons of maize flour and beans which the government sent last week have been slow to reach the most affected far-flung villages.

Paul Lote, the chairman of Kotido, one of the districts in the region, said 626 people, including children as young as 3 years, have died.

Jino Meri, chairman of Kaabong district, revealed that 259 people have died from hunger.

While, Paul Kode, chairman of Napak district, said they have lost 49 people to hunger.

He added that the government aid sent last week has reached only 640 people out of 163,000.

Meanwhile, Karamoja has recently been hit by drought due to lack of rain since the start of this year which led to the drying of all food crops.