Tunisian Opposition announces new alliance


A veteran left-wing Tunisian politician announced the creation a new alliance aimed at restoring constitutional normality in the country following President Kais Saied’s power grab last year.

The president was elected in 2019 and sacked the government on July 25th 2021.

It should be recalled that parliament was also suspended shortly afterwards while the president seized wide ranging powers.

“We’re here to announce the creation of the National Salvation Front, a political front that comprises, up till now, five political parties and five political groups, including six parliamentary groups. It’s only the beginning, we plan to keep on consulting with other parties to join the alliance”, Ahmed Nejib Chebbi, founder of the National Salvation Front saim

In his words:

“We believe that the social crisis will grow and will have extremely strong repercussions on political stability. To create a (political) force, gathering prominent figures in the country, that offers a plan to return to democracy and save Tunisia, is likely to have support. Anyhow, we have no choice but to take a chance”.