We Are Facing A Catastrophe In Besieged Darfur City – MSF Warns


Aid agencies in the Darfur region of Sudan say they are facing a catastrophe following four days of intense fighting in the city of El Fasher.

Claire Nicolet, head of emergency response for medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), said clashes between the army and a rival paramilitary force had been dramatic, with civilians the main casualties.

She said it had made the task of getting much-needed supplies into the city and surrounding camps almost impossible.

“One of the main issues was supply, specifically foods and prices are completely crazy. Unfortunately with the current situation, moving trucks around will be even more difficult,” she said.

She explained that if the fighting continued, the number of people suffering malnutrition would rise to unprecedented levels – “around two to three million”.

“Already the nutrition situation was catastrophic. You can unfortunately imagine that if the current situation continues we will see lots of death unfortunately.”