Al Ahly’s El Shahat Banned From Sports For 5 Years Over Assault On Morocco Player


An Egyptian court has issued a one-year suspended prison sentence to Al Ahly football player Hussein El Shahat for physically assaulting Moroccan player Mohamed Chibi.

It was gathered that the court also banned the Egyptian player from engaging in any sports activities for five years.

The development is coming following an incident in July last year when El Shahat slapped Pyramids FC’s player Chibi during a celebration following the team’s 3-0 victory over Al Ahly in the Egyptian Premier League.

The altercation, which was captured on video, showed El Shahat insulting and slapping Chibi, leading to a physical brawl that required intervention from both teams’ staff.

Chibi took to social media soon after the incident to share his experience, revealing that El Shahat had not only physically assaulted him but had also made threatening remarks during the match.

Chibi reported that El Shahat had verbally abused him and his family, as well as threatened to break his leg, which he feared could jeopardize his career.

There have been several attempts by different parties to mediate and resolve the issue amicably. However, the Moroccan player insisted on pursuing legal action to seek justice.

Reactions to the ruling have been mixed, with some supporters of Al-Ahly and El-Shahat believing the punishment is too severe. Meanwhile, supporters of Pyramids FC and El-Sheibi viewed the court’s decision as a necessary step to uphold sportsmanship and accountability.