Franck Ribéry: I know how bitter it is to lose a final; be proud of yourselves


While many of the former Les Bleus players have yet to comment on the loss to Argentina, probably due to them feeling the same feeling of discontent the supporters feel, Franck Ribéry sent out a message on social media stating, “It took a great performance to get to a World Cup final and to fight until the end for victory. I know how bitter it is to lose a final. Be proud of yourselves. Courage!”

The former Bayern Munich player lost the 2006 final against Italy, also on penalties.

If anyone knows that pain it is the Les Bleus players of the 2006 World Cup team who also fell in penalties to Italy. Outside of the second place finish in the World Cup the French winger never made it back to a major final with his national team. However, the former Bayern player made 81 appearances for Les Bleus and scored 16 goals and countless big plays throughout the years.

Ribéry is also someone who knows what the “changing of the guard” looks like from one World Cup to another. France will undoubtedly find their way back to the World Cup, but the team that makes it there will most likely look much different than the one that took the field in the first half against Argentina. Who knows, players like Ribéry or one of his teammates from the 2006 World Cup team may be in coaching positions by then.