Lewy: I’m Always Hungry For Glory


Barcelona superstar Robert Lewandowski recently won the inaugural Gerd Muller Trophy at the Ballon d’Or gala earlier this week.

The 34-year-old became the first recipient of the award introduced by France Football, given to the top scorer of the season combining goals for club and country.

Following his triumph, the Poland captain spoke to France Football in a detailed interview, during which he discussed various things from his mentality as a striker to the changes to his game with age.

Talking about how his mind works at the age of 34 years, Lewandowski said: “It is constantly evolving, it is different from what it was at the age of 20 or 25. I like to live new experiences all the time to do something new.”

“You can work as much as you want, but you will not know what will happen. All the effort in front of the goal is in my mind, but above this is the physical reaction. Everything starts from the head to the foot.”

On how he keeps himself motivated and driven after everything he has achieved, Lewandowski said: “I don’t care how many goals I score, the important thing is to be ready to score the next goal, and I’m always hungry.”

Talking about his goalscoring record throughout his career, Lewandowski added: “When I was young I scored a lot but I wasn’t satisfied, I wasn’t afraid to add more. I’m never afraid, I’m not saying I’m perfect but fear makes you chained and I avoid that.”

Further talking about the importance of not feeling any fear or being afraid in situations, the 34-year-old hitman said:

“Some become afraid when facing the goalkeeper…not everyone is mentally ready for this situation or able to feel responsible. Just thinking about you feeling scared is a bad start, I’m following my way and giving everything.”

On whether he feels any pressure when not scoring in back-to-back matches, Lewandowski said: “I don’t care about going consecutive matches without scoring. Yes, it is of interest to the media and the fans, but I see the other side of what I offered.”