Pheels signs deal with Warner Records


Nigeria’s popular Afrobeats producer, Phillip Moses, popularly known as Pheelz, has endorsed a deal with Warner Records.

Warner Records among many is one of the world’s elite music record labels.

Signing of the deal followed Pheelz new release, ‘Finesse’, featuring BNXN.

While speaking with Billboard magazine, he portrayed the agreement as something unbelievable and a blessing to see his music could open such doors for him.

He said, “I took like 20 minutes just to take it all in, and understand what this moment is. I made a timestamp and picture in my mind how I got to that moment. I had my manager.

“It was unbelievable, man. Having my music get that kind of attention and open that kind of door for me is a blessing. I still have whiplash. I haven’t been able to process everything, to be honest. It’s just been back-to-back work and back-to-back shows and all that.”

In his reaction, Steve Carless, president of A&R Black Music and Associated Labels at Warner Records, explained he was excited by the passion of Pheelz for technology and melody.

He said, “What was so compelling about Pheelz when we first me was his passion and affection for music and the Web3 space. He’s creating his own NFTs and graphic art, which aided in the launch and popularity of ‘Finesse’,” he said.

“He has an incredible connection to the cultural creative network around the world as an established figure for so many years. Our focus is really about staying true to the diaspora and lifting this song from the ground as our season progresses.”

By Damilola Olufemi