Social media users slam DJ Cuppy for kissing puppy


Social media users have banged Florence Otedola,  known as DJ Cuppy for smooching one of her puppies.

Few months ago, she had obtained two puppies and shared a video in which she introduced them as her ‘babies’, Dúdú and FünFün Otedola; 3 months old Pomeranian brothers.

Cuppy also went a step further to open an Instagram account for her Pomeranian sons and did a photoshoot with them.

In a recent video shared on her Instagram page, the assumed ‘mother’ who was about going out with her ‘kids’ felt compelled to compensate them for being a bad mother.

The “Gelato’ crooner agreed to do the ‘lizard kiss’ with Dúdú (that is, using her tongue to touch her puppy’s).

In the video, she said: “Not me trying to compensate for being a bad mother and going out without my baby….uh! I love you!”

Her supposed motherly concern of love to her puppy enticed a lot of objections from social media users as they have continued to knock her for her action.

prudyice_ said: “This is what we are talking about puppies and humans , if you know you know.”

kurulus_____ wrote: “I used to get mad at people for always trying to bully this lady….but now kini gbogbo radarada yi ? (what is all these nonsense)?”

ojajuniwole stated: “Tueh! Na true Richard talk on Facebook. Eeew! I see and saw.”

t_ochi_ asked : “Shey this girl well like this?”

_cisca01 asked: “y’all thinking what I’m thinking?”

mytravelhotellifestyle wrote: “And one brotha would be dying to kiss this girl, life haha.”

queensusz said: “This isn’t healthy. Parasites like hookworm, roundworm, and giardia can be passed from dog to human through licking. Salmonella, too, can be passed from your dog to you, or vice versa. Kai!”

wilyfred10 wrote: “Nah so e Dey start …. am sure it has started already.”

greeneiwobi asked: “What is this nonsense. Hope the dog won’t be washing plate too.”

nkechinnajii stated: “Know who you kiss ladies & gentlemen.”

sidneys_gram asked: “U sure say na only tongue this dogs Dey lick?”

princeroyelx stated: “This Video goes a Long way to Explain what I have been hearing that Girls using Dogs to do.”

yemirush said: “Cuppy stop this now, then wonders why she’s single.”