Morocco Young Lady Kills Herself Over Exam Malpractice


A 17-year-old female student tragically ended her life by jumping from the top of the Jorf Amouni cliff in the western Moroccan city of Safi.

It was gathered that the young girl took the horrible decision due to the baccalaureate exams for the June 2024 session.

The student, who was in her second year of high school studying humanities, left the exam room in a state of hysteria before heading towards the cliff and taking her own life.

According to director of the Regional Academy of Education and Training in the Marrakech-Safi region, Ahmed Karimi, disclosed that the deceased threw herself from the cliff, located a short distance from the exam center, after being caught cheating by exam supervisors.

It was learnt that the girl sent a voice note to her family, saying: “Forgive me everyone, and pray for mercy for me.”

“They expelled me from the exam because of cheating, and they told me I won’t be able to take any other exams.” The message ends with the tragic words “I won’t stay alive.”