Tyson Fury Rules Out Anthony Joshua Showdown


Tyson Fury has revealed that he is definitely going to retire from boxing following his fight with Dillian Whyte this weekend.

The WBC heavyweight champion is set to defend his belt live on talkSPORT on Saturday night and has claimed throughout the build-up that this will be his final fight.

Very few truly believe the Gypsy King in this claim as it is not his first time teasing or announcing his retirement.

Tyson’s own father John Fury has insisted that he does not believe a word of it and is adamant his son will fight on.

However, Tyson told talkSPORT Boxing Insider at Tuesday’s open workout: “There’s nothing for me to achieve.

“I’ve won every belt in the world that there is to win. I’ve broke all records. “No-one in my era has won the Ring Magazine belt, only me. “No-one in my era has ever been lineal champion, only me.

“I’ve won every single belt there is to win in the sport and I’m getting out healthy, in one piece and undefeated.” Asked to clarify if this means he’ll never face Anthony Joshua, Fury confirmed: “Nah, they’ve had their chances. “That’s sailed, gone.

“They’ve had so many chances to grow a pair, step in the ring and do battle with the Gypsy King, and they didn’t do it. “For whatever reason, whether it was gonna be money, or belts, or pride.

“They had their chance and now it’s flew away. I’m sorry, but this is it. Tune in now, because you’re never gonna get to see big GK in action again after this. This is it.”
Over 90,000 will be in attendance at Wembley and Fury is relishing putting on a show against Whyte, who will finally get his first title shot. “I’m feeling great,” he declared.

“It’s my big opportunity to put on a great show for everybody coming – over 90,000 people who have spent their hard-earned money in tough times to come out and show support and see a good fight – and that is what we’re doing to give them. “We’re going to give you guys a hell of a fight!”

Whyte has been keeping quiet in the build-up, having been unhappy with the purse split and how he has been treated, and skipped Tuesday’s public work-out.
“It is none of my business what he does,” said Fury in response to Whyte’s antics. “Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn.

“I always carry the show. Whether they turn or or don’t turn up, it is always the same – me doing the talking and selling the fight. There’s nothing new here.”